CTA Launches Joint Smart Card Program with I-GO Car Sharing

January 6, 2009

Single Card Allows Rides on CTA and I-GO Car Access

The Chicago Transit Authority and I-GO Car Sharing today launched their joint smart card program – a single card that can be used to gain access to I-GO vehicles and ride the CTA. The program is part of CTA’s continued commitment to promote the use of public transportation by providing additional travel options for commuters.
"Taking public transit and using car sharing programs both support the same environmental principle of limiting the number of cars on the road while providing access to everyday activities," said CTA President Ron Huberman. "We are pleased to partner with I-GO to help make traveling more convenient for those who are environmentally conscious."
"Car sharing is a natural extension of public transit, and I-GO is proud to help the CTA broaden its options," said CEO of I-GO Sharon Feigon. "Reducing transportation costs, urban congestion and greenhouse gas emissions are attainable goals everybody can agree on."
A customer signing up for a new, individual membership from I-GO will be given the option to participate in the program and link their I-GO membership to a Chicago Card Plus. Up to 5,000 individuals who register online at www.igocars.org and who meet each program's eligibility requirements will receive a single card that can be used to ride the CTA and unlock their reserved I-GO vehicle.
The CTA component of the Chicago Card Plus/I-GO cards will offer the same account features as a standard Chicago Card Plus. Chicago Card Plus is an electronic farecard with its balance maintained in an online account.
Currently, there are I-GO cars at nine L stops with plans to expand to more this year. Nearly every car in I-GO’s fleet is within walking distance of a CTA rail or bus stop. 
I-GO Car Sharing, an affiliate of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, is a Chicago-based non-profit committed to economical and environmentally sound transportation choices.
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