CTA Lake Red Line Station Rehab Complete

September 26, 2005

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) officials today unveiled the newly rehabilitated Lake Street subway station on the CTA's Red Line.

The $15 million project rebuilt the station's mezzanine and platform between Lake and Randolph streets. The new areas feature attractive ceramic tile walls and ceilings, and brighter, more energy-efficient lighting.

Additionally, the project expanded the public area of the mezzanine level by 1,500 square feet, creating space for four additional turnstiles, creating a total of 10. A new escalator carries customers between the platform and mezzanine level, as well as two new escalators that provide service between the mezzanine and street level. All operate 25 percent faster than the old escalators.

?Thanks to CDOT's support, the renovated Red Line stations serve as a gateway to one of the world's premier shopping, hotel and restaurant districts -- along with numerous office and residential buildings," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown.

CTA President Frank Kruesi commented, ?Projects of the scope and magnitude necessary to maintain the second largest transit system in the country require a great deal of support, and the CTA has received generous support from the City of Chicago in restoring its facilities."

The platform design follows the design motif incorporated at four previously rehabilitated Red Line subway stations: Chicago (2001), Jackson (2000), Washington (1997), and Roosevelt (1996). The design includes ceramic tiled vaulted ceiling panels and walls with a cityscape design.

Next month, crews will install two electronic kiosks ? one at the platform level and one in the mezzanine ? which will provide news and information from the CTA.

CTA and CDOT worked together throughout the project to minimize the impact on Red Line customers.

Work on the project began in May 2004. Funding was provided through the Federal Transit Administration (approximately 80 percent) and IDOT (about 20 percent).

The Lake Station on the CTA's Red Line is a busy connection point between the greater Chicago region and the City's bustling Central Business District. Average weekday ridership at the Lake station in August 2004 (the last month the station entrance was open prior to construction) totaled 7,495.

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