CTA in 2017: What a Year!

January 5, 2018

In 2017, the CTA focused on improving service for customers. Highlights last year include:

Completed rail station projects
Platform view of CTA's newest Loop elevated rail station, Washington/Wabash.
  • Wilson Red/Purple Line ($203M): Station and infrastructure work completed
  • Washington/Wabash Loop Elevated ($75M): New station opened
  • Illinois Medical District ($23M): renovated Damen station entrance opened


Rail station projects announced or started

Conceptual rendering of the architectural canopy for the Belmont Blue Line terminal, that will visually enhance the street-level entrance to the subway and serve as a gateway to the surrounding community.

  • Quincy Loop Elevated: work underway to add elevators and make wheelchair accessible
  • Damen/Lake Green Line: Construction of new station in 2018
  • Your New Blue: $25M rehab of Jefferson Park, $17M rehab of Belmont bus/rail terminals in 2018
  • Garfield Gateway Project ($50M): Renovation of current and historic stations in 2018
  • Cottage Grove Green Line: CTA station renovation and CDOT streetscape project


Progress made on long-term projects

Crews make significant progress on the $280M 95th Terminal project in 2017. The new South Terminal building, shown here on December 1, 2017, is expected to be complete in early 2018.

  • 95th Street Terminal ($280M): New South Terminal under construction; North Terminal
  • Red and Purple Modernization: Funding secured for Phase I; CTA to award construction contract in 2018


CTA service improvements

Bus traveling along the #31 pilot route near Guaranteed Rate Field at Sox Park.

  • “Pay before you board” pilot programs at 69th Red Line and Belmont/Lake Shore Drive
  • Extension of the 31st Street bus route pilot
  • Launch of #39 Pershing pilot of weekend bus service


Customer experience

 CTA's new Community Bus debuted this year and provided attendees of festivals, outdoor concerts and neighborhoods a respite from the heat, as well as a place to charge cell phones and get the latest info on CTA services.

  • Addition of 130 new digital advertising and information displays across the rail system
  • Launch of new CTA Community Connections Bus
  • New “3-in-1” municipal ID that can also be used as a Ventra and Chicago library card
  • Free rides on the first day of school and on New Year’s Eve 


Fleet modernization projects announced or started

CTA's two all-electric buses currently in service. In 2018, CTA will be awarding a contract for the purchase of up to 45 additional all-electric buses as part of ongoing fleet modernization efforts.

  • Overhaul of 208 existing 60-foot, diesel-electric hybrid buses
  • Purchase of 25 new, 40-foot, clean diesel buses
  • Issuance of Request for Proposals for manufacturing of up to 20-30 all-electric buses


Public Artwork

Newest work of art added to CTA's extensive collection of public art, "Arpeggio" is currently on display at the Wilson Red and Purple line station.

  • Unveiling of new artwork designs by artist Theaster Gates for new 95th Street Terminal
  • Wilson Red/Purple Line: Arpeggio, by artist, engineer and designer Cecil Balmond
  • Artist contract awarded for Montrose Blue Line



CTA's 70th anniversary logo

  • 125th Anniversary of the ‘L’
  • CTA 70th Anniversary Celebration at Daley Plaza


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