CTA Implements Temporary Slow Zones Along the Orange Line

April 21, 2010

The Chicago Transit Authority is advising customers that trains traveling on the Orange Line between Midway and the Loop are operating at no more than 35 mph while repairs are made to the signaling system along the rail line. 

CTA has a thorough maintenance and safety system in place and while performing inspections along the Orange Line, a potential defect with a component of the signaling system was discovered.
Under certain circumstances the defect could potentially result in a rail operator not being properly alerted to a train ahead via their in-cab signal system. While the chances of such an event actually occurring are extremely rare -- a number of other systems and procedures would need to fail simultaneously in order for this defect to pose a risk to safety -- CTA has implemented additional safeguards until the signaling fault is properly addressed.
“The Orange Line has been safely and reliably serving CTA customers for 16 years, we’re just taking a proactive measure to ensure an added layer of safety while we address this issue,” said CTA President Richard Rodriguez. “While there had been no signal problems, our inspections have suggested the potential for a false indication under certain conditions. We’re working closely with the system manufacturer to develop both short-term and long-term solutions.”
CTA engineers have a proposed solution and are reviewing it with the manufacturer.
“Since the conditions needed for the failure have not been in place, there has been no danger to customers,” Rodriguez added. “I commend the due diligence of CTA’s Safety and Power & Way personnel in uncovering this potential problem and devising precautionary measures to provide for the safety for our customers and employees.“
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