December 16, 1999

A colorfully decorated Holiday Bus from CTA's 77th Street Garage will operate weekdays through Christmas Eve on three routes that serve the South Side and downtown.

The bus will serve on the #6 Jeffery Express route Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings through December 24, and on the #3 King Drive route Tuesday and Thursday mornings. On weekday afternoons it will run on the #29 State route.

Employees of the 77th Street Garage, at 210 W. 79th, have decorated the bus with oversized candy canes, toy soldiers and candles, and have provided holiday lighting and music for enjoyment both inside and outside the bus. In the event of heavy rain or a snowstorm, the bus may be kept in the garage to prevent damage to the outside lights and decorations.

Following are the scheduled operating times when the Holiday Bus will be running. Customers paying regular fares are welcome to board the bus at any regular stop along the route.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the #6 Jeffery Express Route
                          NorthboundLeave: 79th/Jeffery        8:05 a.m.       63rd/Stony Island   8:21       Hyde Pk/Lake Pk     8:32       Van Buren/Michi     8:48Arrive:South Water         8:58 a.m.                          SouthboundLeave: South Water         9:07 a.m.       Balbo/Michigan      9:17       Hyde Pk/Lake Pk     9:28       63rd/Stony Island   9:36       79th/Jeffrey        9:48Arrive:103rd/Stony Island 10:04 a.m.
Tuesday and Thursday on the #3 King Drive Route
                          NorthboundLeave: 79th/King           7:25 a.m.       61st/King           7:39       35th/King           7:55       Roosevelt/Michigan  8:09Arrive:Chicago/Michigan    8:28 a.m.                          SouthboundLeave: Chicago/Michigan    8:49 a.m.       Van Buren/Michigan  9:02       35th/King           9:17       61st/King           9:31Arrive:79th/King           9:41 a.m.
Daily on the #29 State Route
                          NorthboundLeave: 79th/State          3:16 p.m.       51st/State          3:44       Cermak/State        4:05       Congress/State      4:22Arrive:Navy Pier           4:45 p.m.                          SouthboundLeave: Navy Pier           4:54 p.m.       State/Lake          5:04       Cermak/State        5:34       51st/State          5:55       79th/Lafayette      6:10Arrive:95th/Red Line       6:20 p.m.
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