CTA Expands I-GO and Zipcar Parking Spaces Near CTA Rail Stations

May 11, 2011
The Chicago Transit Board today approved amending two lease agreements that will expand the number of parking spaces for I-GO and Zipcar and extend their contracts for six-months. I-GO and Zipcar are two car-sharing services that lease parking spaces near select CTA rail stations and bus stops among other busy areas.  
“More people are being environmentally-conscious and turning to public transit for their travel needs,” said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez. “Combing car sharing and public transportation provides a vehicle for people when needed while still offering the convenience and affordability of public transit. CTA is pleased to extend its contract with I-GO and Zipcar to help encourage more people to consider the alternatives that are available.”
Going forward, the two companies combined will have more than 50 parking spaces near approximately 20 CTA locations. The assignment of the spaces is based on requests from each company. The combination of added spaces and the six-month extension is expected to yield more than an additional $31,000 for the CTA. 
Both I-GO and Zipcar are membership-based services offering the use of shared vehicles on an hourly basis. Members make reservations by phone or online and access the vehicle using an I-GO or Zipcar issued smart card that unlocks and starts the car. No attendants or keys are necessary. CTA provides the parking spaces only.
For more information on locations, rates and terms of service, customers can log onto the web sites for I-GO (www.igocars.org) or Zipcar (www.zipcar.com).


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