CTA Expands Car Sharing Program from Five to 20 Sites

July 16, 2008

The Chicago Transit Board today approved a lease agreement designed to promote the use of public transportation by providing additional travel options for public transit users while generating revenue for the agency. A total of 45 I-GO and Zipcar shared cars will be phased in at 20 different CTA sites between September 2008 and June 2009.

"With fuel costs soaring, more people are choosing to use public transportation and car sharing programs," said CTA President Ron Huberman. "The CTA is pleased to partner with I-GO and Zipcar to provide customers with travel options that benefit not only their budgets, but the environment as well."

Studies also show that when located alongside public transit, car sharing services have been shown to increase transit ridership. In 2004, the CTA approved a pilot program with I-GO to park cars at five CTA sites. The cars were located at CTA's Damen station on the O'Hare branch of the Blue Line, Western station on the Brown Line, Addison and Thorndale stations on the Red Line, and under the Brown and Red Line tracks on Lincoln at Wrightwood.

The two-year agreements expand the number of CTA sites where members can access I-GO or Zipcar vehicles at locations adjacent to or near public transportation. The CTA will earn approximately $88,000 from the lease agreements. The car locations:

Under 'L' Locations:

Areas under the 'L' tracks have been identified as car sharing parking, for exact locations visit the I-GO and Zipcar websites.

  • Blue Line: North to Concord, Caton to Wabansia
  • Brown Line: Western to Campbell, Western to Lincoln, Chestnut to Wendell
  • Green Line: 13th to 18th Street
  • Red Line: Thorndale Station, Addison Station, Lincoln/Wrightwood, Dakin to Sheridan, Roscoe to Cornelia

Park & Ride Locations:

  • Blue Line: Forest Park, Cumberland
  • Brown Line: Kedzie/Lawrence, Kimball
  • Orange Line: Midway, 35th/Archer, Halsted/Archer
  • Purple Line: Linden
  • Yellow Line: Skokie

Both I-GO and Zipcar are membership-based services offering the use of shared vehicles on an hourly basis. Members make reservations by phone or online and access the vehicle using an I-GO or Zipcar issued smart card that unlocks and starts the car. No attendants or keys are necessary. CTA provides the parking spaces only.

For more information on locations, rates and terms of service, customers can log onto the web sites for I-GO (www.igocars.org) or Zipcar (www.zipcar.com).

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