CTA Deploys Office Workers for Snow Removal Duty

February 1, 2008

As snow continued to blanket the area this morning, the CTA deployed more than 100 office staff from its headquarters to help shovel snow at rail stations and clear platforms for customers. These employees supplemented the efforts of janitorial staff that are responsible for snow removal at stations.

"With continuous snow fall such as we had this morning, locations have to be shoveled multiple times as new snow accumulates. In addition to our regular janitorial staff, we have a dedicated staff of office employees who have come from behind their desks and pitched in today to help keep stations clear," said CTA President Ron Huberman. ?With the extra help, we are working to have all platforms cleared again before the afternoon rush."

CTA's snow command team has been working round the clock to keep bus garages and bus turnarounds clear and continues to coordinate efforts with the City of Chicago's snow command. In anticipation of the sleet and snow, crews started salting bus terminals, turnarounds and garages prior to the arrival of this most recent winter storm.

CTA track and substation staff were on duty throughout the night at rail yards to clear switches of snow and ice build up. Rail switch heaters throughout the rail system were activated to help reduce ice buildup. Rail janitors reported throughout the night to clear Loop and inbound rail stations. Additional shifts were enlisted to help shovel stations. Parking lot vendors for CTA Park & Ride lots were notified to salt and keep parking lots clear.

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