October 25, 2002
The CTA will begin at 9:30 a.m. Monday to rehabilitate the elevator serving the Clark/Lake 'L' station entrance at the 203 North LaSalle office building. The entrance serves customers traveling west on the Green Line and north on the Brown Line.

Customers with disabilities who require an elevator may reach their trains by making connections at other stations or they can take a Paratransit shuttle van to the nearest accessible 'L' station. Paratransit shuttle vans can be scheduled in advance by dialing 1-888-YOUR-CTA and pressing #4, or by asking CTA Customer Assistants at the station to call Paratransit for them.

The elevator rehab is expected to continue through December, and is part of a systemwide effort by the CTA to upgrade elevators at stations. Escalators and stairs to the Clark/Lake station platform will remain open, and elevators in the James R. Thompson Center will continue to serve 'L' customers traveling in the Blue Line subway or south from Clark/Lake on the Green and Orange Lines.

Customers aboard northbound Green Line trains who require an elevator at Clark/Lake can change at Roosevelt to an Orange Line train, which serves the opposite platform at Clark/Lake. Those intending to board a westbound train at Clark/Lake can take a Paratransit shuttle van to the accessible station at Clinton or ride a Green or Orange Line train south to Roosevelt and cross the platform to board a northbound Green Line train.

Brown Line customers arriving downtown with Clark/Lake as a destination can exit trains at Washington/Wells and use elevators to reach the opposite platform, where they can take an Orange Line train to its next stop at Clark/Lake. Customers intending to board a northbound Brown Line train at Clark/Lake can go 1? blocks west to Wells and two blocks north to the accessible Merchandise Mart station or arrange for Paratransit shuttle van service to the Mart.

Customers making connections to 'L' trains from the Blue Line subway can exit at Clark/Lake and arrange for Paratransit shuttle van service to the Green Line station at Clinton or the Brown Line station at the Merchandise Mart to continue their trips.

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