September 8, 2000

Starting Monday, September 11, CTA buses operating through the Loop on Clark Street will make fewer stops between Wacker and Congress. To speed bus service in response to growing traffic congestion, three of the ten stops are being discontinued. A similar stopping pattern has been used on State Street for the past four years, and on Michigan Avenue since the mid-1980's.

Only two CTA bus lines regularly make stops on Clark, which is a one-way street southbound in the Loop. #22 Clark buses serve Clark from the city limits at Howard, and end their trips downtown on Clark at Polk. #24 Wentworth buses begin their trips south to 79th/Vincennes from Clark and Wacker.

Buses on both lines have been stopping downtown on Clark on the far side of each intersection. Effective Monday, they will no longer stop at Washington, Monroe or Jackson, while continuing to serve Wacker, Lake, Randolph, Madison, Adams, Van Buren and Congress.

To assure the greatest convenience for customers transferring to other lines, stops are being maintained at Lake, Van Buren and Congress, where connections can be made with Brown, Green, Orange and Purple Line Express 'L' trains and Blue Line subway trains. Clark Street buses will also continue to stop at Madison and Adams, which are served by buses heading west that are the most likely to be used by transferring riders.

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