CTA Board Approves Enhancements on Two Bus Routes

February 15, 2006

The Chicago Transit Board today approved recommendations for two Chicago Transit Authority bus routes nearing completion of experimental route enhancements. The board agreed to make permanent the experimental routing on the #15 Jeffery Local route and to continue the #78 Montrose experiment for a second 180-day period. The initial experimental routings began in August 2005 to provide CTA customers with more transit options and improved travel times. The adjusted #15 Jeffery Local route will remain in operation and become permanent in June 2006. The adjusted #78 will operate as an experiment for an additional 180 days to provide opportunity for further analysis.

Experimental periods on service modifications are conducted to determine if the modifications meet the needs of the community and are viable. Surveys conducted on the #15 route indicated the majority of the customers were satisfied with the modifications and preferred the changes. Although most customers seemed satisfied with the changes on the #78, the response was not as conclusive and requires further analysis.

"Analysis by CTA staff and requests from the community indicated a need for change along these routes," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?The service enhancements improve service efficiency and make it easier for customers on these routes to reach their destinations."

Since August, the #15 Jeffery Local route operates on Lake Park instead of the previous routing along South Hyde Park Boulevard between 56th Street and East Hyde Park Boulevard. The #78 Montrose operates eastbound and westbound between Clark and Broadway on Wilson instead of the previous routing along Montrose which takes customers directly to the Wilson Red Line station without requiring them to cross the street to enter the station and improves access to Truman College.

"We continue to design ways to improve the transit experience for our customers throughout the CTA system," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?By improving travel times and giving our customers more transit and connection opportunities, we also attract new riders which helps relieve traffic congestion and reduce the impact on the environment."

Information on all CTA service can be found by calling 836-7000 from any local area code or on the web site at www.transitchicago.com.

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