November 10, 2003

A North Side hot dog stand will remain in its current location for several more months following a vote during a meeting of the Chicago Transit Board today. Demon Dogs, which leases 1,875 square feet of space at 944 W. Fullerton, had been scheduled to vacate its premises on October 31, 2003.

The board authorized an extension of tenancy for Demon Dogs until June 15, 2004. However, any time after April 1, 2004, CTA has the right to obtain possession of the property by giving Demon Dogs seven days notice to vacate. The CTA needs the property for construction of the Brown Line Capacity Expansion project, which is expected to begin in 2004. The CTA is currently in the final stage of securing a federal Full Funding Grant Agreement to fund the project.

Under the previous lease agreement negotiated in 1983 and with a rent set in 1985, Demon Dogs had been paying approximately $630 a month. The extension agreement stipulates Demon Dogs? new rent will be $2,500 per month.

"Today's board action benefits the CTA by providing additional revenue from Demon Dogs? rent, and it benefits Demon Dogs and its customers as this neighborhood institution continues to operate," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole L. Brown.

"CTA's Brown Line project calls for reconstruction of the Fullerton station, requiring the demolition of Demon Dogs," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?All CTA lease agreements stipulate that if a parcel of land is needed for transit purposes, adequate notice will be provided to the lessor in cases of current leases, or that leases will not be renewed upon expiration. Today's agreement meets those requirements."

The Fullerton station is one of 18 CTA stations that will be reconstructed and modernized. The existing station has been designated historic by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA), which requires the CTA preserve the structure. As part of the Brown Line project, the original stationhouse will be relocated to the north side of Fullerton, serving as an entrance and exit. The new stationhouse requires more space to accommodate planned upgrades. It will be built on the south side of the street and will have concession space. The CTA will choose a vendor through a competitive bidding process.

The Brown Line is one of CTA's busiest rail lines, serving more than 61,000 customers each weekday. Since 1979, Brown Line ridership has increased approximately 73 percent. In the past year alone, ridership has increased by 10 percent, which is the highest rate of growth anywhere in CTA's rail transportation system.

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