CTA and Chicago Board of Education Extend Ventra Program for CPS Students

July 12, 2023

Successful Ventra program provides convenient and reduced-cost public transit to CPS elementary and high school students

Today, the Chicago Transit Board approved a new, five-year intergovernmental agreement (IGA)  with the Chicago Board of Education (CBE)  that allows Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to purchase reduced and full-fare Ventra tickets for students and their guardians in certain special CPS programs.                        

“This partnership with CPS is invaluable, as it provides Chicago Public School students with a safe, convenient and cost-effective means of transit to and from school as well as after-school activities,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “This program is a small way the CTA can help foster opportunities of growth for Chicago’s youth and we are proud to be a partner with the Chicago Board of Education and CPS in renewing this special agreement.”

“We are proud of this partnership as it reflects the collaborative and can-do spirit of Chicagoans to get any job done,” said CPS CEO Pedro Martinez. “While COVID has exacerbated a national school bus driver shortage, our partners at the CTA have remained steadfast in their efforts to support our students.”

CTA originally entered into the IGA in July 2013, allowing for the sale and use of Ventra fare products. The IGA has covered fare costs for CPS student Ventra cards and Ventra tickets used by CPS special programs. The original agreement was renewed in 2018 for an additional five years and was set to expire on July 31st of this year. With today’s Board action, the agreement between CTA and the Board of Education will be extended for another five-year period.  

The CPS Student Ventra cards are customized by CPS with the CPS logo and Ventra tickets.

The Ventra program provides students with a convenient and easy way to navigate the transit experience as they travel to and from school and extracurricular activities. Through this program-- and depending on the CPS program in which they are enrolled-- students are either provided a customized Ventra Card featuring the CPS logo that can be reloaded with value, or students and their guardian(s) are provided customized CPS Student Ventra Tickets for their school travel needs.

Note: CTA Student Reduced Fare is available for full-time students ages 7-20, for trips to and from regular day classes, Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. on school dates, with a Student Ventra Card. This is available during the regular school year and during summer school.

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