CTA and CFD Joint Evacuation Drills in Blue Line Subway Improve Emergency Preparedness

September 12, 2007

In a continuing effort to improve emergency coordination, CTA safety and transit operations personnel, Chicago Fire Department firefighters and EMS first responders conducted weekend emergency evacuation drills in the Blue Line subway while service was suspended for slow zone repairs.

?The two most recent weekends that service in the Blue Line subway was temporarily suspended ? August 24 and September 7 ? provided the perfect opportunity for CTA staff and CFD first responders to have unlimited access to the subway and emergency exits to conduct drills and enhance emergency response plans," said CTA President Ron Huberman. ?The drills also allowed CFD to see the recent improvements made in the subway such as brighter lighting and improved directional signs and location markers."

?Emergency drills improve our ability to respond to the unique challenges of the subway system. These real-time efforts are invaluable to not only our command personnel but frontline firefighters and paramedics as well," said Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Raymond Orozco. ?The CTA has granted unprecedented access to all of their facilities allowing our emergency responders real hands-on experience, which can easily translate into lives saved if a real life emergency occurs."

CTA regularly participates in exercises with the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, other emergency responders and government agencies, both simulation drills and tabletop exercises to continue to improve the coordination among agencies and preparedness for emergency events.

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