June 9, 2004

The Chicago Transit Board today approved an ordinance that revises the Chicago Transit Authority's Code of Ethics, addressing issues of ethical conduct, political activity, and the acceptance and solicitation of gifts by CTA officers and employees. The revisions are in response to the Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act enacted by the Illinois General Assembly in 2003. Changes were also added to the Ordinance based on Federal Transit Administration publication guidelines and internal recommendations.

?The newly approved ethics ordinance revises CTA's current Code of Ethics which has been continuously in place since 1989," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?The changes to the State Ethics Act provided an opportunity for the CTA to clarify and strengthen our existing Code of Ethics."

The CTA's new ethics ordinance tracks recent changes in the State Ethics Act, and is based upon model language issued by the office of the Illinois Attorney General.

?Adoption of these changes demonstrates CTA's constant commitment to standards of ethical conduct for public officials and employees," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?It is important that the public have full confidence in the CTA as we work to bring our system to a state of good repair and deliver quality service."

Significant changes adopted by the Board include:

Revision of the gift ban language to comply with the requirements of state law;

Revision of the ban on political activities on paid time to comply with the legislation, which includes a list of fifteen prohibited political activities;

Addition of secondary employment? rules governing these activities already exist at the CTA but now are included within the Code of Ethics;

Implementation of ethics education seminars for Chicago Transit Board members and CTA management; and

Inclusion of language subjecting to criminal prosecution anyone who violates the provisions of the gift ban and prohibited political activity.

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