CTA Adjusts Parking Rates at Eight Park & Ride Locations

April 13, 2012
The Chicago Transit Board today approved an ordinance to allow adjustments of parking rates at eight of its 14 CTA Park and Ride locations. These changes include increases as well as decreases in parking rates and are being implemented in an effort to increase parking occupancy, ridership and revenue.
The changes are in line with best practices in the parking industry, which call for regular price adjustments on a location-by-location basis in order to reflect market dynamics.
The ordinance also allows for future adjustments of parking rates on an as-needed and lot-by-lot basis. Parking rates are subject to change once in any six-month period and the rate change for any individual lot in any given time increment will not exceed $1
Rate changes will be posted and take effect at the following lots beginning May 1, 2012.
Park & Ride Daily Rate Changes: Increases

Halsted & Archer
$5.00 per weekday ($1.00 increase)$5.00 per weekend day ($1.00 increase)
35th & Archer
$5.00 per weekday ($1.00 increase)
51st & Pulaski
$5.00 per weekday ($1.00 increase)
Kimball & Lawrence
$5.00 per weekday ($1.00 increase)

Park & Ride Daily Rate Changes: Decreases

$2.00 per day ($2.00 decrease)
Ashland & 63rd
$2.00 per day ($2.00 decrease)
54th & Cermak
$2.00 per day ($2.00 decrease)
48th & Kedzie
$2.00 per day ($2.00 decrease)

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