Chicago Transit Board Approves Purchase of 100 New Articulated Buses

May 9, 2012
New hybrid diesel-electric and clean-diesel articulated buses to begin arriving in late-2012
The Chicago Transit Board today approved the purchase of up to 100 new articulated (60-foot) buses from New Flyer Industries, continuing CTA’s effort to modernize its bus fleet and replace older model buses at the end of their useful life.
“This is one of several bus and rail system-improvement projects in the pipeline aimed at allowing the CTA to meet the growing ridership, further improve operational efficiencies and to continue to ensure safe and reliable service for customers,” said CTA President Forrest Claypool. “By taking advantage of this opportunity, we are able to expedite the process of upgrading our bus fleet and avoid making frequent and costly repairs to buses that are beyond their useful life.”
CTA is piggybacking on a contract belonging to King County Metro, Seattle’s public transit agency, to purchase the 100 low-floor, fully-accessible articulated buses. Due to changing business needs, the Seattle transit agency does not plan to purchase the full quantity of buses allowed on their contract and has agreed to assign a portion of the contract to the CTA.
Delivery of the 100 articulated buses – a combination of 33 hybrid diesel-electric and 67 clean-diesel buses – is expected to begin late this year and continue through 2013.  The new articulated buses will begin replacing the 40-foot Nova buses that were entered into service in 2000-2001. The new buses will be assigned to routes where they are projected to maximize performance and meet the growing ridership demand.   
The latest purchase of 100 articulated buses will cost $80 million and is being funded with a combination of federal funds and local resources. 
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