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We value our veterans

Why work at the CTA?

We're committed to becoming an employer of choice for Veterans because we recognize and value their unique experiences, skills, and knowledge. Through recruitment and partnership efforts, we strive to offer the support and resources our Veteran’s and their families need to succeed in our community and workforce.

We believe that the experience gained from military service can translate well into a number of CTA positions. By nature of military service, many veterans are an exemplary match for our agency and its customers.

To help increase veteran recruiting and better serve existing veteran employees, we've recently implemented several new initiatives, including:

  • Participation in multiple local and military based job fairs
  • Partnering with organizations such as Recruit Military to post our positions and expand the veteran applicant pool
  • Establishing an internal veterans’ committee to expand the Veteran footprint at CTA and better serve veteran employees and their families, by providing them with information on available benefits, offers, discounts, and opportunities

“The CTA is committed to honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans and their families, by rewarding the skills, leadership and dedication they have to offer our riders. Veterans are among our most outstanding employees, and we will continue to actively seek and employ these terrific men and women.”
-CTA President, Dorval R. Carter

We value our veterans and actively take steps to engage those who are within our workforce.

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From our veteran employees...

Photo of John Ekblad

"I'm currently detailed to the CTA President's Office leading the implementation of the nation's first Safety Management System.  I get to use my knowledge and experience from the military to help shape and formalize processes to ensure our safety risk is managed effectively.  Even though I work in a fairly high-profile job, CTA has been incredibly understanding and helpful when I need to take time off to attend training.  As a company commander, I am on military duty much more frequently than the average Soldier, but this has never become an issue.

"At CTA, a fellow veteran is never far away."

John Ekblad, CTA SMS Implementation Lead
Captain, Army National Guard


Photo of Denise Mathus
"I’m proud of my civilian career within the Authority and the advancements I have made over the years -- Administrative Secretary, Project Specialist II, Coordinator and most recently Project Manager. Look out world! I attribute my success, to the strong training I obtained in the ARMY, coupled with my ability to make sound choices and take action. I must also acknowledge CTA’s managerial staff and my co-workers in the role they played contributing to my success. Their day-to-day support allows me to get the job done. It’s a pleasure to have had the honor to serve in the USAR and continue to serve at CTA, 365 days a year and 'Leave No One Behind.'"

Denise Mathus, CTA Project Manager
Reservist, Motherhood and Civilian Life
U.S. Army Reserves, Honorable Discharge, Veteran


Phot of Frank Gutierrez
"After returning from my fifth tour I found myself here at the Chicago Transit Authority working in the Safety Department. My experiences working at BP and US Steel as a pipefitter and serving in the military at a senior level have had a positive impact on the way I go about things while performing my duties. I feel it helps me when communicating to those above me and the employees I serve. The best part about transitioning to the CTA is that, you will find veterans just about anywhere from the front line to executive management. Over the years we’ve all updated each other on new veteran programs, benefits, and events that could assist us personally and professionally. I feel that the CTA is an organization that truly appreciates its veteran employees and we continue to increase the camaraderie amongst us."

Frank Gutierrez, Senior Coordinator, Power and Way Support
Squad Leader, US Marine Corps
Psychological Operations Specialist, US Army


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