Cecil Balmond OBE
Mild steel, stainless steel, paint, vinyl, LED lighting
2017, Arts in Transit

Composed of an illuminated sculpture reflected in mirrored wall panels, Cecil Balmond’s artwork lends dramatic contrast to the Wilson station lobby, celebrating the shapes, textures, and rhythms of Uptown’s rich cultural history.

The folded geometric forms and wood-grain finishes are borrowed from 1920’s Art Deco design, a style prevalent in the historic architecture of this community. Uptown’s legacy in the development and performance of the art form of jazz is signified in the name of the artwork. The musical term Arpeggio describes a type of broken chord, played in succession, either ascending or descending. Such a rhythmic sequence may be interpreted, visually, in the undulating forms, ever-shifting colors, and reflections this artwork provides.

Cecil Balmond OBE is an internationally renowned artist, designer and engineer whose projects bridge the disciplines of art and science, focusing on the concept of space and the meaning of geometry, form and structure.

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