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Seeds of the Future are Planted Today (Above)
Béatrice Coron
Water jet cut stainless steel, four panels
2004, Arts in Transit

This project aims to plant seeds of thought. Icons of growth and transformation take root in the past to transform our future. In the center panel, young children are watering the city, representing hope for the future. The side panels reflect the importance of education and literacy as the open books at the bottom the pages sprout with plants, symbolizing human growth. 


Birth of Heroes: A Mandala for Harmony (Below)
Ivan Watkins

Digital transfer on tile
2004, Arts in Transit

Inspired by the Mandala, a precise yet universal symbol of unity, harmony and the cyclical nature of life, this mural incorporates not only aspects of spirituality but also the reflection of great African American contributors of the past and present. Also incorporated in this digitally transferred mural is imagery of the Lawndale neighborhood. A lasting concept of this mural is to evoke education.


Photo of Art


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