11 Downtown Bus Routes Undergo Service Changes with Re-Opening of Jackson Street at Wacker Drive

November 13, 2012
Changes go into effect at the start of service Monday, November 19
Beginning at the start of service on Monday, November 19, changes in service along 11 downtown CTA bus routes will go into effect following the re-opening of Jackson Street between Canal and Franklin and Wacker Drive between Jackson and Adams. These streets were temporarily closed since July due to work associated the Revive Wacker Drive, Part 2 project.
As a result of these streets re-opening, buses operating along the 11 affected routes will either be partially or fully returned to their original routing. Customers are advised to allow extra travel time along these routes:
What’s changed?
#1 Indiana/Hyde Park
Returned to original routing
#7 Harrison
Returned to original eastbound routing
#11 Lincoln/Sedgwick
  • Returned to original northbound routing;
  • Maintain current southbound reroute
#X28 Stony Island Express
Returned to original routing
#121 Union/Wacker Express
  • Partial restoration of original routing
  • No bus stop changes
#123 Illinois Center/Union Express
Returned to original eastbound routing
#126 Jackson
Returned to original eastbound routing
#129 West Loop/South Loop
Returned to original southbound AM routing
#132 Goose Island Express
  • Returned to original southbound routing;
  • Maintain current northbound reroute
#151 Sheridan
Returned to original routing
#156 LaSalle
Returned to original northbound routing
To prepare customers for the upcoming changes in service along the affected routes, CTA information specialists will be available during morning and evening rush periods on Thursday, November 15; Friday, November 16; Monday, November 19 and Tuesday, November 20, near Union Station.
CTA is also alerting customers to these upcoming service changes via signs posted at bus stops in the downtown area along all affected routes. Customers are encouraged to visit transitchicago.com or by following CTA on Facebook or Twitter (@CTA) for timely system travel updates and alerts. 
For more detailed information on what changes are going to occur along the 11 affected routes, including changes to bus stops, please visit transitchicago.com/wacker or download the new service brochure.
To receive timely updates on bus and rail service, customers can connect with the CTA via social media or sign up to receive subscription text/email alerts by visiting transitchicago.com/social.
For details about all CTA service, customers can also call 312-836-7000. 
For construction updates and project news regarding the Revive Wacker Drive, Part 2 project, please visit the Chicago Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) website at wackerdrive.org.
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