CTA Kick’s Off 2024 with an In-Person Small Business Educational Series for Local, Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

January 4, 2024

Event brings together local small and disadvantaged businesses to learn best practices. 

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is excited to announce that it is now accepting applications for its 9-week Small Business Educational Series for 2024. This in-person, educational series is intended to help small businesses successfully compete to participate on CTA contracts.

“At CTA, we’re not just looking to get more small and disadvantaged businesses to compete for contracts, we want to see them succeed and grow,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “The Small Business Education Series is just one of the many tools and resources we offer to help Chicago’s small businesses get their foot in the door, successfully securing contracts, as well as taking the next steps towards growing and going after opportunities that were once out of reach.”

As part of this program, key industry leaders will teach participants how to procure business opportunities, manage projects, protect against risk, run payroll correctly, create accurate estimates, and how to properly close-out projects.

Upon successful completion of the training series, participants will be paired with a mentor for a year-long Mentor-Protege relationship and qualify for OSHA 30 and First Aid CPR trainings. All trainings will be hosted and provided free of charge by the CTA.

Those interested in participating in the 9-week Small Business Educational Series must apply at the following no later than Thursday, January 11, 2024:

Application: https://bit.ly/410DPhg

Qualified applicants will receive additional details on next steps. Importantly, participants of this program must attend a minimum of seven (7) classes for successful completion of the program.

The Small Business Educational Series is one of serval programs that CTA offers to help small businesses grow, teaching participants how to procure CTA business opportunities, managing project budgets, cyber security & data protection, understanding CTA`s procurement & contracting processes and understanding CTA`s procurement & contracting processes II.

Firms and individuals interested in participating in this and other CTA-hosted events can learn more by visiting the following webpage: www.transitchicago.com/diversity-programs/transitchicago.com/diversity-programs/


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