Testing of CTA’s Prototype Rail Cars to Resume on Green Line

July 9, 2010
The CTA announced that the 5000-series prototype rail cars will return to in-service testing on Monday, July 12 along the Green Line following successful out-of-service testing of a modification to the braking system. The 10 prototypes had been removed from in-service testing in late May. 
While the test trains had not experienced a failure, there were certain conditions where a component was found to be affected by vibrations which over time could result in a temporary loss of friction brake. Bombardier, the rail car manufacturer, worked on a modification that improved the operation of the brakes.
"We undergo testing to ensure that the CTA gets the best rail car possible. Revisions are part of the process,” said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez. “Working with the manufacturer, a solution was successfully developed, thoroughly tested and has now been implemented. The prototype rail cars will continue to undergo in-service testing on all of CTA’s rail lines throughout the year.”
The 10 prototype rail cars are being tested to evaluate performance under real-world operating conditions. The rail cars must successfully complete testing before CTA will authorize the delivery of the remaining 396 rail cars.
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