Red Line Customers Board on Brown Line Side of Platform at Belmont / Fullerton Stations on Saturday

April 20, 2006

The Chicago Transit Authority is currently working to upgrade crossover tracks and signals throughout Clark Junction that will result in faster and more reliable rail service for customers because of improved maneuverability of train traffic throughout the junction.

Because work at Clark Junction will require Red and Brown Line trains to share the same track on Saturday, April 22, between Addison and Armitage, customers are asked to allow additional travel time. Clark Junction is located just north of Belmont on the City's North Side where Red, Brown and Purple Line Express tracks converge.

On Saturday, April 22, northbound Red Line customers at Belmont and Fullerton stations will board Red Line trains on the east side of the platform instead of the west side of the platform. Southbound Red Line customers will board on the west side of the platform instead of the east side of the platform.

At Addison station, southbound Red Line customers will notice the train briefly backtracking north once it departs the station in order to resume the rest of its southbound trip on another track. Southbound Red Line customers will board at the normal location at Addison.

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