Mayor Rahm Emanuel, CTA President Forrest Claypool Announce Installation of Security Cameras at ‘L’ stops Has Been Completed Ahead of Schedule

November 21, 2011

Superintendent McCarthy highlights new cameras as a valuable crime fighting tool for police

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) President Forrest Claypool and Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent Garry McCarthy today announced that the Administration’s project to install new state of the art security cameras at 'L' stops across the city has been completed six weeks ahead of schedule.
In all, nearly 1,800 additional cameras have been installed at 78 CTA rail stations during a fast-track initiative that was announced in June.
Mayor Emanuel, President Claypool and Superintendent McCarthy spoke at the Clinton Green/Pink Line station, where police recently used footage from newly installed station cameras to identify, arrest and charge an offender responsible for attacking and robbing a woman of her purse in an elevator a block away from the station. The same offender had previously appeared in surveillance footage using a stolen credit card, which connected him to a car burglary near CTA Headquarters two weeks earlier.
"The cameras have caught criminals but also serve as a deterrent, helping to ensure the highest level of security for our transit system,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “This is not just an investment in our rail system but in our neighborhoods. More security; more stations; more service: the CTA cameras are one part of our re-make of the CTA to modernize it and bring it into the 21st Century."
In the last five months, images pulled from CTA surveillance cameras have assisted CPD in the arrest of at least 47 individuals for crimes committed either on or near CTA property. Of these arrests, at least 23 offenders have been identified as participants in multi-offender attacks or crimes; at least 16 individuals have been identified for serial crimes committed on CTA property and at least 10 individuals have been identified for crimes committed off CTA property.
“These new cameras have been instrumental in helping to solve a number of crimes since we began installing them in June – including three murders that took place away from CTA property as well as a string of serial robberies, one involving a shotgun that happened on CTA property,” Claypool said. “This is just what we envisioned when we set out to fast-track the installation of these additional cameras at our rail stations.”
“These cameras are a critical tool for the Chicago Police Department to help keep riders safe and bring criminals to justice. Through close collaboration with the CTA we will continue to work to decrease crime and provide the greatest level of safety on our city’s public transportation system,” said McCarthy.
Since June, the Chicago Police Department’s Public Transit Unit has conducted 286 Rail Saturation Missions that have resulted in the arrest of 123 individuals and the issuance of nearly 300 citations for minor offenses and 316 contact cards.
Today’s announcement is just one of the significant investments that have been made since the Emanuel Administration took office in order to increase the safety of CTA riders as well as update the system and bring Chicago’s transit into the 21st Century.
Earlier this month, Mayor Emanuel and President Claypool unveiled new 5000-series rail cars, which will begin running on the Pink Line and mark the first time there has been an addition to the rail fleet since 1992. And Mayor Emanuel joined Governor Pat
Quinn just days earlier to announce a more than $1 billion investment of state, local and federal funds to repair, rebuild, and update the Red and Purple Lines.   In September, the first of 400 Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bus Tracker displays were unveiled, to be installed at bus shelters across the city. In addition, a new CTA station renewal initiative was launched that takes a comprehensive, almost SWAT team approach to tackling all the outstanding issues at a station at once – cleaning, repairing and improving.
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