November 15, 2003

Mayor Richard M. Daley, Congressman Bobby Rush and Chicago Transit Authority officials today showcased $3.1 million in renovations made on the bus bridge and bus turnaround at the CTA's 95th/Dan Ryan terminal. The infrastructure improvements are the first since the bus terminal was built more than 30 years ago. The 95th/Dan Ryan terminal is a busy transportation hub, providing a connection point for CTA, Pace and Greyhound buses and the CTA's Red Line. More than 25,000 customers use the terminal each weekday.

"Chicago is a world class city known the world over for many things - great restaurants, great neighborhoods and even better people. And a world class city deserves a world class transportation system. Projects like these emphasize both the CTA's and the City's commitment to public transit all across Chicago," said Mayor Richard M. Daley. "When you talk about improving public transportation, you're really talking about improving the quality of life for all Chicagoans."

?These improvements, along with ongoing efforts to upgrade our bus fleet and restructure our bus routes, are making a difference as people make their daily travel decisions," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole L. Brown. ?We look at these improvements as a key determiner in people choosing public transit and the CTA."

"The 95th/Dan Ryan terminal serves as a transit gateway for thousands of commuters on the South Side of Chicago as well as the south suburbs," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. " This renovation adds to the safety, comfort and convenience of CTA customers. The terminal is now a secure structure with new wider waiting areas and smoother surfaces on which buses travel."

Customers arriving and departing from the 95th/Dan Ryan terminal are already experiencing benefits from the improvements, which include a new bridge lighting system for added security and more centrally located crosswalks and curb ramps for the convenience of customers using mobility devices. In addition, a new concrete bridge surface, bus lanes, curbs, sidewalks and wider customer islands have brought customers more comfortable waiting areas and smoother rides. Both new and refurbished fencing also are among the improvements. Final details will be completed over the next several weeks and will include installation of additional fencing and repair of retaining walls.

"As you all may know, we have invested three long years in making this vision a reality," said Congressman Rush. ?Today it is my pleasure to report that I have been able to secure an additional $1 million for the modernization of the 95th/Dan Ryan bus terminal for repairs and renovation. This project is another example of what Federal officials, working along with local officials, can do to bring resources together to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the First Congressional District of Illinois, and the citizens of Chicago."

The work at 95th Street, along with work performed earlier this year at the 69th Street bridge and at the Sox-35th station, is a precursor to the CTA's $282 million Dan Ryan Red Line Rehabilitation Project, which gets underway next spring and is expected to conclude in winter 2006.

The entire project includes renovation and upgrades of more than nine miles of the Red Line, from Cermak-Chinatown to 95th Street. The work includes construction of two substations at Pershing Road/39th and 50th/Wells and rehabilitation of two other substations, which will provide additional electricity to power Red Line trains. The substations, combined with special track and signal work, will improve traction power, resulting in faster more efficient service for customers.

In addition, seven stations along the line will receive upgrades including new escalators, platform canopies, lighting, floor finishes, sidewalks and elevators.

"Our thanks to Mayor Richard M. Daley, U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Congressman Rush and elected officials at all levels of government for their help in bringing yet another capital improvement project to CTA customers," said Kruesi.

The Red Line is the busiest rail line in the CTA rail system, totaling 64.7 million rides in 2002. On an average weekday, 187,286 rides were taken, 109,192 on an average Saturday, and 75,303 on an average Sunday in 2002.

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