It’s Common Cents! Take CTA to Your New Year’s Eve Celebrations

December 28, 2010
Please Note: All CTA bus and rail service will operate on a regular weekday schedule on Friday, December 31 and on a Sunday/Holiday schedule Saturday, January 1.
Those headed out to holiday celebrations on New Year’s Eve are encouraged to take advantage of the convenience of CTA service. The agency once again will provide rides on all CTA buses and trains for one penny, beginning at 8 p.m. on Friday, December 31 until 6 a.m. Saturday, January 1.
Later service hours also will be in effect on several bus and rail routes making CTA a convenient, safe and affordable travel alternative for those out celebrating the New Year. 

Bus Service

#4 Cottage Grove
#4 Cottage Grove buses will operate all night between Washington/State and 95th/Cottage Grove. Buses will operate approximately every 15 minutes north of 63rd and Cottage Grove and every 30 minutes south of 63rd.  
#6 Jackson Park Express
#6 Jackson Park Express buses will operate southbound from downtown every 15 minutes until 3:15 a.m. The last northbound trip to downtown will leave 79th/South Shore Drive at 2:15 a.m.
#20 Madison
#20 Madison buses will operate more frequently between Austin and Washington/State every 15 minutes during the overnight period.
#22 Clark
#22 Clark buses will operate more frequently between Polk/Clark and the Howard Red Line station approximately every 15 to 20 minutes during the overnight period.
#29 State
#29 State buses will operate in both directions all night between Navy Pier and Roosevelt/State in both directions. Service will be scheduled to operate every 15 minutes or less north of Roosevelt, and every 30 minutes or less south of Roosevelt to the 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line station.
#65 Grand
#65 Grand buses will operate westbound from Navy Pier to Grand and Nordica until 3 a.m. The last eastbound bus to Navy Pier will leave Grand and Nordica at 2 a.m. Service will operate approximately every 15-30 minutes.
#66 Chicago
#66 Chicago buses operate westbound from Navy Pier to Chicago and Austin Avenue until 3 a.m. The last eastbound bus from Austin Avenue to Navy Pier will leave around midnight. Regular Night Owl service will operate between State/Washington and Chicago/Pulaski.
#124 Navy Pier
#124 Navy Pier buses will operate southbound from Navy Pier to the Millennium Park Randolph Street Station, Ogilvie Transportation Center and Union Station until 1 a.m. The last northbound trip to Navy Pier from Union Station will be at 12:30 a.m.
#151 Sheridan (Owl Service)
#151 Sheridan Owl service buses will operate between Sheridan/Foster and Union Station approximately every 15-20 minutes until 3 a.m.

Rail Service

The last Brown, Orange, Pink and Green line trains will leave downtown at 1:30 a.m. from the following downtown stations:
  • Brown Line – Washington/Wells
  • Green Line – Adams (northbound) and Clinton (southbound)
  • Orange Line – Library-State/Van Buren
  • Pink Line – Clark/Lake
Purple Line trains will operate from Howard to Linden until 2:00 a.m.
More frequent service will be provided on the Red Line (approximately every 8-10 minutes from midnight until 6 a.m.) and Blue Line Forest Park and O’Hare branches (approximately every 12-15 minutes from 1:30 a.m. until 5 a.m.). Both lines operate 24 hours daily.
Yellow Line trains will operate from Howard to Skokie until 2:00 a.m.
For details about all CTA service on New Year’s Eve call 836-7000 (all local area codes) or visit the CTA Web site at www.transitchicago.com.
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