June 28, 2000

Dorval R. Carter, Jr., Assistant Chief Counsel for Legislation and Regulation for the Federal Transit Administration, is joining the Chicago Transit Authority as the new Executive Vice President for Management and Performance. As the newest member of CTA senior management, Carter will be responsible for directing and coordinating the principal planning and operating duties of the administrative functions. He replaces Jeff Morales, who previously held this post at the CTA and was recently named the Director of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

As FTA Assistant Chief Counsel, Carter managed the office responsible for preparing and directing the legislative and regulatory agenda for the Federal Transit Administration. Previously, Carter served as the Regional Counsel in the Region 5 office in Chicago, where he was a member of the senior staff and was responsible for all legal issues affecting the FTA's $650 million annual federal transportation program in a six-state region.

Carter, 41, began his legal career with the Chicago Transit Authority where, during his seven years with the agency, he held numerous positions including General Attorney and Deputy General Attorney for Corporate Law.

"Dorval brings an excellent mix of experience, abilities and skills to the CTA management team. His understanding of federal government issues at the national and regional levels, together with his familiarity with our agency from his days at the CTA, will lead to innovations in accountability and performance management," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. "Jeff Morales had the difficult task of launching our rebuilding initiatives and was instrumental in mobilizing CTA staff to execute these plans. I'm delighted to have Dorval join the CTA and help further our efforts to rebuild and reinvent the CTA."

Dorval Carter said, "I am looking forward to returning to the CTA in this position. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with Frank Kruesi and the CTA Board to help meet the many challenges facing CTA today. I am committed to ensuring that the CTA continues to meet its mission of providing quality, affordable transit services that link people, jobs and communities. I believe that my experience at the Federal Transit Administration has given me a unique perspective on the issues and problems facing the CTA, and I am eager to share my perspectives in this new position."

Federal Transit Administration Acting Administrator Nuria I. Fernandez said, "I am very pleased with the CTA's selection of Dorval Carter as Executive Vice President for the agency. Dorval brings extraordinary expertise to this vital post. We regret to see him leave the federal service, but I am confident that his tremendous energy, creativity and leadership will serve the Chicagoland community very well in the years to come."

Patrick Reilly, Chief Counsel for the Federal Transit Administration said, "Dorval is a perfect choice for this position. We will miss him sorely, but this is a win for the transit world and the city of Chicago. Dorval will bring with him a unique blend of skills and an ability to work with a broad range of interests that will complement Frank Kruesi's already exemplary leadership. Kruesi and the CTA Board hit the ball out of the ballpark on this one!"

Richard J. Baciagalupo, Regional Transportation Authority Executive Director added, "Dorval brings a depth of experience from both the funding and regulatory arena which will be a positive addition to both the CTA's management and the region's transit team."

"Dorval's combination of local and federal experience will be a big plus for the CTA. He's a great choice and will help sustain the momentum of rebuilding and improving the CTA's infrastructure, service and ridership," said Jeff Morales, Director of Caltrans.

Carter received his law degree from Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C., and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics from Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where he previously served as president of the alumni council.

Dorval Carter begins his new responsibilities at the CTA on Tuesday, September 5, 2000. Carter and his wife Tracey Renee Everett have two children, Dorval III and Nicole.

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