January 30, 2003

Demolition Suspends #74 Fullerton Bus Service to Brickyard Mall Demolition of the Brickyard Mall at Diversey and Narragansett will suspend service to the mall by #74 Fullerton buses until further notice, beginning Thursday, January 30. #74 buses will now make all trips via Fullerton and Grand to Nordica.

Construction Closes Damen from Cermak to 18th Saturday and SundayConstruction on the Cermak (Douglas) Branch of the Blue Line will close Damen between Cermak and 18th from 6 a.m. Saturday, February 1 until midnight Sunday, February 2. #50 Damen buses will be detoured off Damen in both directions via Cermak, Western, 18th and Damen. The same detour will be in effect from 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. nightly Monday through Friday, February 3 ? 7. #168 UIC/Pilsen Express buses will be detoured via 18th, Western and Cermak in both directions.

Chinese New Year Parade Closes Cermak at Wentworth Midday SaturdayThe Chinese New Year Parade will close Cermak between Wentworth and Archer from 10 a.m. until about 2:30 p.m. Saturday, February 1. #18 16th/18th and #21 Cermak buses will be detoured off Cermak via Archer and Clark to Cermak in both directions, and will serve the Cermak/Chinatown Red Line station from stops on Cermak east of Clark.

Structural Work Affects Blue Line Sunday, February 2Structural work will require Blue Line trains in both directions to use a single track while serving the O'Hare Branch station at California Sunday, February 2 from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Only minor delays to service are anticipated.

For more information about CTA service, call 836-7000 (all local area codes) or visit the CTA web site at www.transitchicago.com.

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