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DIY Transit Info Display Config Tool

Easy configuration tool

My stops

Bus & Train Stop arrival slides
First, add bus and train stops to your slideshow. You'll need to pick at least one, and up to eight.

Each slide will show all arrivals for a different bus or train stop.

First, pick a stop, then pick "Add slide" to add it to the list. Each slide automatically shows recent alerts that can affect service on routes served by that stop.

Preferred stop
You can select one bus stop as your "preferred stop." If you check a stop as preferred, an extra slide will be added to the slideshow to display only the next arrival for your preferred bus stop in very large text, so it can be seen from afar. This is optional and is available only for bus stops. Only one stop can be checked at a time.

Stop picker

A. Select bus or train/rail route B. Select direction


Customization options

Display size

This tool can display text at three different sizes, to better suit the screen you're going to set up for others to see.

Tip: The minimum size this tool is designed for use with is at full-screen display with a resolution of 1024x768 (pixels wide by pixels high).

  • We recommend choosing "small" for a display configured at as low a resolution of 1024x768.
  • For the default "medium" size, we recommend a screen at 1400x900 or greater.
  • We do not recommend use of this tool on screens at resolutions of 800x600 pixels or lower.




Your slideshow can have a weather slide that shows current conditions for Chicago and up to five days of forecast information (the number of days shown is dependent on how wide the display area is; wider screens show more days). The default is to include this slide.


CTA Train TrackerSM Options

Hide options panel in Train Tracker screens?


Transit alerts slide

Your slideshow can include a slide that shows only customer alerts. It'll show current alerts for the routes you suggest. Enter route numbers, separated by commas, without any spaces, for whichever routes you'd like to show.

Example: Red,29,95W,111
Valid train route identifiers in this box are Red, Blue, Brn (for Brown), G (for Green), Org (for Orange), P (for Purple), Pink, and Y (for Yellow).

Enter routes (only if you want this slide):


Partner code

If you've received a partner code from CTA, you can enter it here:


“Brought to you by” slide

If you'd like to promote yourself for having brought this service to your visitors, you can give yourself credit here.

Business name:

Tagline (optional):

URL (optional):

Example: http://www.example.com


Get your URL

Once you've filled out the information above, use this button to get your custom URL:

Your custom URL:

Copy this address for use on your display computer, or see the documentation on how to manually modify it.