July 14, 2004

New Spaces in Wrigleyville Will Help Relieve Parking Congestion

The Chicago Transit Authority has made available 16 new parking spaces under the Brown Line 'L' at Roscoe and Newport in Wrigleyville. An additional 66 spaces in four other under 'L' locations will open later this summer. The CTA is converting areas under the 'L' into parking as part of an ongoing effort to raise money and be a good neighbor to the communities it serves.

?CTA's under 'L' parking initiative generates additional revenue for the CTA," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?It also benefits communities by creating additional parking spaces that are conveniently located next to residents? homes and businesses."

Additional under 'L' parking lots to open later this summer include 22 spaces at Mohawk/North Avenue (Brown Line), 16 spaces at Cornelia/Newport (Red Line), six spaces at Roscoe/Clark (Brown Line) and 22 spaces between Cullerton/21st Street near Wabash (Green Line). The CTA clears the areas of debris and installs smoothly paved surfaces for parking.

Residents and businesses located near or adjacent to these new lots have the first option on spaces, which lease month-to-month for between $50 and $85 per month. The new lot at Roscoe and Newport leases for $75 for a residential and $85 for a commercial lease. Interested parties must contact the CTA (1-888-YOUR-CTA) for an application and return the application to the CTA along with proof of residency or business near the parking spaces such as a utility bill and valid state identification.

Standard Parking operates the parking lots for the CTA. Lessees receive hangtags that must be displayed at all times. Vehicles without tags will be towed at the owner's expense.

CTA currently leases parking spaces at 22 lots under its elevated tracks. The use of CTA's under 'L' property for parking was initiated at the request of the City of Chicago as part of the Mayor's Taskforce on Parking Congestion in 1997.

CTA launched the program in 2000 for residents and businesses near the elevated tracks. The initiative is carried out in close cooperation with area aldermen. In 2003, under 'L' parking leases generated nearly $321,215 in revenue for the CTA.

In addition to the under 'L' parking lots, the CTA operates 16 Park & Ride lots that provide more than 6,000 parking spaces for commuters who use a combination of automobiles and public transportation to complete their daily commutes. A new 117-space Park & Ride lot, located adjacent to the Garfield station on the south branch of the Green Line, is scheduled to open later this summer.

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