CTA to Test Bus Service Enhancements

November 13, 2008
CTA to Test Bus Service Enhancements Along Select South Loop Routes and Late Night Service Between Chicago and Evanston
Experimental Service Enhancements Begin December 28, 2008

The Chicago Transit Board today approved experimental service enhancements on eight CTA bus routes. The approved service enhancements are reflective of changes in ridership trends and are designed to improve overall travel in and around the growing South Loop area, as well as to adjust late night service between Chicago and Evanston.

“These experimental service enhancements are the result of customer feedback and the continual analysis and adjustments of service by CTA personnel to ensure we are providing the best possible service for our customers,” said CTA President Ron Huberman. “We’re confident that our customers will appreciate and benefit from these enhancements, which include additional travel options, better connections between bus and rail services to retail and employment centers, and improved travel times.”

Operating the modifications as an experiment allows CTA to make adjustments to service based on customer feedback and ridership trends prior to determining if the enhancements will become permanent.

Experimental Service Details/Effective December 2008

#3 King Drive
Service will be rerouted to remain on Michigan Avenue instead of operating on Indiana between Roosevelt and 16th Street. By eliminating the turns travel times will improve for customers traveling to and from downtown, and also will address increased demand for service along the Michigan Avenue corridor.

#12 Roosevelt
Service will operate southbound on Indiana Avenue between Roosevelt and 16th before returning north on Michigan to connect the South Loop area to the growing commercial area of Roosevelt Road. As a result, #12 buses will no longer serve the Museum Campus. Service to the Museum Campus will be provided by #146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express buses.

#18 16th/18th
#18 16th/18th buses will be rerouted to travel via Halsted, Roosevelt to Michigan for the end of route on the east, rather than via Canal and Cermak to 18th and Indiana. Westbound service will begin at the Roosevelt Red, Green and Orange line station.

This routing will provide better connections to downtown via the Red, Green and Orange Lines as well as accommodate areas around Halsted and Roosevelt, which are undergoing substantial residential and retail development. #18 16th/18th customers who travel east of Halsted on Cermak will use the #21 Cermak for their trip.

#21 Cermak
To better serve Mercy Hospital, instead of terminating at 24th Place the #21 route will be extended to 25th Street and Michigan. This also will provide a connection to the Cermak-Chinatown Red Line station from the hospital.

#35 35th
Due to the closing of Michael Reese Hospital in December, service along the #35 route will terminate at Cottage Grove and 35th Street instead of traveling north to 25th Street. Service to Mercy Hospital will continue to be provided via the new routing of the #21 Cermak bus route.

#129 West Loop/South Loop
During the morning and evening rush periods, southbound #129 buses will extend service from 18th Street to McCormick Place to accommodate customers traveling from the West Loop train stations – Union and Ogilvie – to McCormick Place.

#146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express
Instead of turning on Balbo, southbound service will remain on State until Roosevelt and will then make a stop at the Red, Green and Orange line station before continuing on to the Museum Campus. This will replace service previously provided by #12 Roosevelt buses. This modification to the #146 route will improve service by connecting North Michigan Avenue with Red, Green and Orange Lines and the Museum Campus.

#201 Central/Ridge (Owl Service Only)
With the Red Line’s Howard south entrance reopened and accessible, #201 buses will operate to the Howard Terminal, instead of the Granville Red Line station, during night Owl service hours or when the Purple Line is not operating.

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