CTA To Seek Corporate Sponsorships for Iconic CTA Assets

September 12, 2018

Program will identify sponsorship opportunities for CTA bus routes, trains, rail stations and special events, generating new, recurring non-farebox revenue

As part of continuing efforts to generate innovative funding to support transit service, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) today awarded a contract to develop and implement a corporate sponsorship program.

The program will review CTA’s assets—from rail lines and bus routes to rail stations—to identify potential opportunities for sponsorships.

“Our consistent goal is to hold the line on fares and maintain service levels for our customers and this program may help us achieve that,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “Funding from sponsorships and advertising can help support our operations, and enable us to provide the service our customers rely on.”

The Superlative Group was awarded the contract based on its successful track record in monetizing transit agency assets throughout the U.S. The organization has generated more than $2 billion in sponsorship deals over a 23-year period for projects, such as the Cleveland Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Health Line for $11 million and the San Diego MTS UCSD Blue Line for $39 million.

CTA assets that may be considered for corporate sponsorship include rail lines; rail stations; bus routes; special events; CTA’s website; Bus and Train Tracker; information materials; and other miscellaneous properties, such as recycling bins, outdoor winter heater lamps at stations and benches.

The Chicago Transit Board awarded The Superlative Group a three-year contract that includes two additional one-year options. The firm will first perform an inventory and marketplace valuation of CTA assets, then begin to seek potential sponsors.


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