CTA to Install Vending Machine at Metra’s LaSalle Street Station

October 18, 2006

Today the Chicago Transit Board approved an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Metra for the installation of a transit card vending machine at Metra's LaSalle Street station. The new machine will provide commuters easier access to Chicago Transit Authority fare media.

?Many public transit customers use both CTA and Metra to travel and improved access to fare media simplifies this process," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?Combined use of the CTA and Metra systems allow customers to travel easily throughout the region."

?As the demand for transit continues to increase, CTA and Metra recognize the importance of providing smooth transfers and increased accessibility to CTA fare media for customers who transfer between Metra and CTA," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?Customers will find these fully equipped, modern vending machines easy to operate and convenient for purchasing transit cards, or adding value to a Chicago Card or transit card."

CTA has been working with Metra to provide customers additional access to CTA fare media. In March, CTA installed a farecard vending machine and a Visitor Pass vending machine near the Metra ticket counter at Union Station.

When the farecard vending machine is installed, customers will be able to purchase transit cards and add value to transit cards and Chicago Cards at the Metra LaSalle Street station, located at 414 S. LaSalle. The machine is expected to be installed by the end of the year.

As part of the agreement, CTA will pay for the installation of the machine and Metra will pay for the electricity to run the machine.

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