CTA to Acquire Properties for 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project

September 12, 2012
Project likely to result in expanded terminal footprint to provide for new amenities
The Chicago Transit Board today granted approval to begin the process of acquiring property near its 95th/Dan Ryan Terminal on Chicago’s South Side as part of the 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project.
The project is an estimated $240 million initiative that will expand and greatly improve the 95th/Dan Ryan Terminal and bring significant improvements to a bus and rail station that is a vital part of the South Side.
The nine properties identified for acquisition are located directly off the expressway and are primarily commercial properties with a few vacant lots. 
“The ability to begin the process of acquiring these properties, including their financial and environmental assessments, is key to moving forward with our plans to improve the 95th/Dan Ryan Terminal,” said CTA President Forrest Claypool. 
The authority granted today allows the CTA to begin the acquisition process, subject to the requirements of federal and state law. Any purchase of a property by CTA, whether by negotiation or court order, cannot take place without subsequent Board action.
“The existing 95th/Dan Ryan Terminal is heavily utilized, but out-of-date and, frankly, we must move quickly to ensure that we provide a better resource for our South Side customers,” said Board Chairman Terry Peterson. “Along with the Red Line South reconstruction project set to begin in 2013, this represents another significant investment in the southern Red Line.”
The 95th/Dan Ryan Terminal is one of CTA’s busiest, with 24-hour Red Line service and over 1,000 CTA and Pace bus trips on a typical weekday. The current configuration does not have adequate capacity to efficiently serve customers, which number around 20,000 on an average weekday.
CTA is hosting two community open houses for the 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project. The purpose of these meetings, which are being coordinated with community groups and local elected officials, including U. S. Representative Bobby Rush, is to gather early input from community residents on the design components of the project.   The first meeting was held September 11, 2012; the next will be held on Thursday, September 13, 2012, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., at Palmer Park, 201 E. 111th Street, Chicago, Illinois.
The terminal design process is anticipated to begin later this year. Construction is expected to begin in 2014. Funding is provided through a variety of federal, state and local sources.
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