CTA Statement Regarding Passage of Transit Funding Legislation

January 17, 2008

Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown and CTA President Ron Huberman thanked members of the Illinois General Assembly for approving transit funding legislation and expressed optimism that Governor Rod Blagojevich will quickly certify the bill so that Sunday's scheduled service cuts and fare increases can be cancelled.

"We are very appreciative that both the House and Senate have approved legislation that provides comprehensive, long-term funding for regional public transit. The Governor understands the urgency of the situation and we are hopeful that he will act quickly to certify the legislation so that we can focus on providing safe, affordable, on-time transit service for our customers," said Chairman Brown.

?On behalf of CTA riders and employees, we appreciate the considerable time and effort that our state leaders have invested in studying the complex transit funding issue and developing a workable solution. An investment in public transit is truly an investment in the people and economy of the state. Thanks to this action, we look forward to providing high quality, efficient and affordable transit service for many years to come," said President Huberman.

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