CTA Service Details for the 83rd Annual Bud Billiken Parade

August 9, 2012
Additional service will be provided on CTA buses and trains for customers heading to the 83rd Annual Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic on Saturday, August 11. The parade will start at 10 a.m. and run until approximately 4 p.m. before disbanding in Washington Park.
Extra service will be provided on the #3 King Drive, #4 Cottage Grove, #29 State and #55 Garfield bus routes. 
The King Drive from 33rd Street to Oakwood (southbound lanes only), Oakwood from King Drive to Langley, and Pershing from King Drive to Cottage Grove will be used for parade assembly beginning at 6 a.m. on Saturday.
As a result of the street closures, CTA will reroute the #3 King Drive, #15 Jeffery Local, #43 43rd, #47 47th and #55 Garfield buses around the immediate parade area.
Detours will begin at 6 a.m. at the direction of the Chicago Police Department based on traffic volume in the area. King Drive is expected to remain closed until late Saturday afternoon.

Rail Service

Longer Green Line trains will operate from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Bus Service

#3 King Drive

Supplemental service will operate on the #3 King Drive route beginning at 7 a.m. 
Northbound #3 buses will detour around the parade area via King Drive, 61st Street, Indiana, 31st Street to King Drive and resume the regular route. Southbound #3 buses will operate via 31st Street, Michigan, 61st Street to King Drive and resume the regular route.

#4 Cottage Grove

Additional buses will operate on the #4 Cottage Grove route beginning at 7 a.m. No reroutes will be necessary.

#15 Jeffery Local

Northbound #15 Jeffery Local buses will travel over the regular route along 51st Street to Drexel then will operate via Drexel, Bowen/Payne to Cottage Grove before turning to begin southbound service.   
From Payne at Cottage Grove, southbound #15 buses will travel north on Cottage Grove to 51st Street and resume the regular route.
Customers Traveling to the 47th/Red Line
Due to street closures and parade routing, #15 buses will be unable to serve the 47th Street Red Line station directly.
Customers who normally use the #15 route to access Red Line service at 47th Street will need to instead board a shuttle bus that will operate between the 47th/Red Line station and 51st Street/Cottage Grove.

#43 43rd

Eastbound #43 43rd buses will not travel past the 43rd Street Green Line station. From the Green Line, westbound #43 buses will travel west on 43rd Street over the regular route.

#47 47th

Service on the #47 47th will operate in two segments with regularly scheduled service operating between the Orange Line at Midway and the 47th Street Green Line station. There also will be service operating via 47th Street between Lake Park and the 47th Street Red Line station.

#55 Garfield

Supplemental service will be provided on the #55 Garfield route beginning at 7 a.m.
Eastbound #55 buses will travel over the regular route to 55th Street/Michigan and then will operate via Michigan, 61st Street, Cottage Grove to 55th Street and resume the regular route. Westbound #55 buses will travel over the regular route to 55th Street/Cottage Grove then will travel via Cottage Grove, 61st Street, Indiana then return to 55th Street and resume the regular route.
Shuttle Service: between MSI and 55th/Red Line
A bus shuttle will operate between the Garfield (55th Street) Red Line station and the Museum of Science & Industry.



CTA Info On-the-Go

Customers can use CTA Bus Tracker and CTA Train Tracker to get the estimated arrival time of your next bus or train.
Check out CTA on Twitter (@CTA) for system travel updates and alerts. 

Park & Ride Facilities

To avoid traffic congestion, customers can combine the convenience of driving with the economical savings of public transit by using CTA Park & Ride facilities. Parking is available for approximately 6,000 cars at CTA’s 17 Park & Ride facilities, mainly at rail terminals, throughout the CTA system. 
Park & Ride stations are listed on CTA’s system map and on the CTA’s website at transitchicago.com/parking/.

Fare Information

Bus customers who use CTA fare media pay $2.00 to ride. For rail customers or customers who pay cash on the bus, the fare is $2.25. Customers who use CTA fare media may transfer for a 25 cent fee. Transfers are not available for customers paying fares in cash.


For details about all CTA service, call 312-836-7000 or visit the CTA website at transitchicago.com.

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