CTA Selects New Parking Vendor at Blue Line’s Harlem and Forest Park Stations

October 6, 2010
The Chicago Transit Board today approved a four-year contract with Central Parking System (CPS) Chicago Parking for the operation, management and maintenance of Park & Ride facilities at the Harlem (O’Hare branch) and Forest Park Blue Line stations. Under the contract, the CTA is guaranteed a total of $381,250 over the life of the contract or up to 60% of net revenue, whichever is greater.
"The revenue received from CTA Park & Ride lots are a vital component in our efforts to generate revenue from sources other than fares," said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez. "This contract helps CTA maximize the benefits from one of our existing resources, provide upgraded amenities for our customers and make it more attractive to combine the convenience of driving and public transit.”
CPS is responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining new fee collection equipment for the 53 spaces at the Harlem station and the 648 spaces (three lots) at Forest Park. The new equipment will accept credit cards, payment by cell phone and cash.
CPS now manages 14 of the 17 Park & Ride facilities after winning a contract in 2009 to manage 11 facilities that previously had been managed by Standard Parking. CPS began managing those facilities in December. The three remaining facilities are: Linden and Skokie lots which are managed by Wilmette and Skokie respectively; and the Howard Park & Ride lot which is not owned by CTA. CPS also manages CTA’s Under “L” parking facilities.
Prior to the awarding of this contract, Standard Parking was responsible for the lot at Harlem/Higgins and MCP Partners managed the lots at Forest Park.
Parking is available for approximately 6,600 cars at facilities adjacent to 17 CTA rail stations throughout the CTA system. Rates are $5 at Rosemont and Forest Park and $4 at all other locations. Park & Ride locations are listed on CTA’s system map and on the CTA Web site. Customers also may obtain information on Park & Ride facilities by calling 836-7000 from any local area code.
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