CTA Recycling Helps Protect The Environment

October 26, 1999
The CTA is continuing its commitment to the environment by launching recycling efforts for customers and employees. One of the most visible efforts is the blue bag newspaper recycling bins located in CTA train stations. With the Chicago Tribune as a partner and corporate sponsor, the CTA installed 285 recycling bins at 112 stations. The bins collect over 230 tons of newspaper annually from customers.

The CTA is also testing a new recycling bin that has receptacles for a number of recyclable materials. With this bin, customers can deposit paper products, aluminum, plastic/glass containers and general refuse in one unit. This new bin is being tested at the Merchandise Mart Station on the Brown Line.

Internally, the CTA is establishing a comprehensive recycling program at all of its facilities. Three of the CTA's office buildings and the offices at eight bus garages are recycling and the program is expanding to the remaining facilities. The contributions from both CTA employees and customers to our growing recycling program will help clean up our environment.





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