CTA Launches Web Page for Program Developers

December 17, 2009

Conveniently packaged data encourages development of applications

This week the Chicago Transit Authority launched the new CTA Developer Center section on its Web site, transitchicago.com, which provides direct and convenient access to CTA service data. Improved access to data enables third-parties to create new desktop applications, widgets and mobile applications, or integrate it into existing programs designed to improve travel.
“The Developer Center is the latest example of CTA’s efforts to further improve transparency and provide easy access to useful service information and data,” said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez. “The CTA Developer Center opens the door for outside developers to deliver new and innovative tools that can not only improve the public transit experience, but also how we navigate and travel throughout the area.”
Static information, such as schedules and general service information, is available as a downloadable package in an open format. Real-time service information and customer alert data is also available through dedicated application programming interfaces (APIs) – allowing third-party applications to request up-to-the-minute information from CTA Bus Tracker and service information published on transitchicago.com.
The new Web page serves as a central location for program developers to learn about and access CTA service data and information. In addition to service data, the site also provides descriptions, Q&A, documentation, location links and helpful hints and connections to discussion forums for the following data offerings:
Bus Tracker API: up-to-the-minute arrival predictions and location data for buses in operation, as well as reroute information.
Customer Alerts API: status and detailed information about planned and unplanned events impacting CTA bus and rail services.
Google Transit™ Feed Specification (GTFS) Data: scheduled service data for bus and rail services. Tables available in the CTA GTFS Feed include: stops, routes, trips, stop times, calendar, calendar dates, frequencies and transfers.
RSS Feeds: simple feeds of information on service and news posted on transitchicago.com
Developers are encouraged to contact the CTA and provide feedback regarding the available tools and content as the agency continues to look for ways to further evolve the site. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent to webmaster@transitchicago.com.
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