CTA Goes ‘Green’ in Cleaning Buses and Trains

October 6, 2010
The Chicago Transit Board today approved a three-year contract with Progressive Industries, Inc. to provide the agency with ‘green’ general purpose liquid cleaner and odor elimination concentrate for use in the cleaning of buses, trains and facilities. 
MiraGreen is a multi-use product that cleans and eliminates odors. Using MiraGreen for all general cleaning will allow CTA to reduce costs by eliminating or reducing the use of five separate cleaners—two different types of soap, a scrubbing bubbles cleaner, pine oil and an odor masking agent—thereby furthering the agency’s efforts to strategically manage its resources. 
“As the second-largest public transit system in the nation, the cost of cleaning products over time can add up to a considerable amount,” said CTA President Richard L. Rodriguez. “While maintaining and operating a clean system is a priority, this is an area where we can be more cost efficient. Replacing five products with one is in line with our need to be fiscally responsible and we get the additional benefit of incorporating another environmentally-friendly component into our operations.”
CTA estimates it will save $177,000 annually by using MiraGreen instead of five discrete cleaning solutions. In 2009, CTA spent $1.6 million on cleaning supplies for its buses, trains and facilities.
CTA rail personnel have used MiraGreen to clean rail cars and stations since 2008 with positive results. An evaluation by bus personnel determined the product also would be effective in cleaning buses and facilities. The concentrate comes in 55 gallon drums and requires only several ounces mixed with water which will last longer than the current applications that contain both soap and water within a 55 gallon drum. MiraGreen also is more effective in eliminating odors.
The MiraGreen concentrate contains no corrosives or toxic chemicals and is not harmful to the environment. 
The three-year contract is for $1.2 million. Progressive Industries, Inc. is a registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. 
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