CTA Encourages Customers to Plan for Impact of Forecasted Snowfall on Travel

January 31, 2008

In anticipation of the expected snowfall forecast for the area this afternoon, CTA is reminding customers to allow extra travel time.

"We recommend customers allow extra travel time as buses travel in the same traffic as other vehicles and can be impacted by adverse weather conditions. Rail service also can be impacted by snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures," said CTA President Ron Huberman. ?During inclement weather, more travelers opt for public transit making buses, platforms and trains more crowded,"

During severe weather CTA has staff report earlier and stay later to provide assistance to customers and to help keep stations and facilities clear of snow and ice.

Trains are equipped with sleet scrapers and snowplow blades to remove ice and snow from the third rail. In addition, CTA has four snow fighter locomotives to clear tracks of ice and snow.

Crews also inspect and activate overhead heating fixtures on platforms at all 125 outdoor rail stations so that customers can stay warm, and restock sand boxes so there are supplies at the ready to keep stairs, platforms and bus areas safe for customers and employees.

CTA completed its standard winter preparation process in the fall to update the winter plan and prepare facilities and vehicles for winter weather. CTA buses undergo a 30-point winter preparation checklist that includes making sure heaters work, and that doors and windows close securely.

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