December 2, 2004

The Chicago Transit Authority today presented the Chicago Police Department's Public Transportation Section with new squad cars to replace older cars. The cars will serve the police unit assigned to patrol and protect the CTA's bus and rail system.

The 16 full-sized 2005 Ford Crown Victoria sedans are replacing 16 vehicles currently in the Public Transportation Section's fleet of squad cars. Officers use the vehicles as they monitor and patrol the CTA's system to help ensure customer safety.

The CTA used $383,872 in capital funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) to purchase the new cars.

New police cars represent a capital investment in CTA infrastructure just as do new buses, new trains and rehabilitated stations and tracks.

?We are grateful to the RTA and to our region's U.S. Congressional delegation, which has shown remarkable bipartisan cooperation in successfully securing capital funds to continue investment in CTA's infrastructure," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?Capital investments such as this ensure that the regional transportation system remains safe, reliable and convenient for our customers."

?We appreciate the City of Chicago's support for our security efforts. It provides $22 million annually to fund the Public Transportation Section of the police department," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?We are proud to provide these new vehicles to support the efforts of the police to protect our customers as well as CTA property."

In addition to funding police patrols, the City of Chicago supports the CTA through an annual $3 million subsidy to its operating budget and has invested $826.1 million in capital construction projects since 1989.

The new police cars feature blue rooftop flashing lights and sirens, as well as special striping designating them as CTA vehicles. The heavy-duty model Crown Victoria includes a heavier suspension, transmission, alternator and cooling system than standard models.

?The presence of the uniformed officers and specially marked squad cars reinforces feelings of security among CTA customers and serves to thwart potential offenders," said Commander Ed Gross, head of CPD's Public Transportation Section.

The Chicago Police Department's Public Transportation Section consists of full time police officers assigned to monitor the bus and rail system by patrolling stations, and riding trains and buses.

In addition to the Public Transportation Section, CTA security forces include private security guards and canine patrol teams to monitor the CTA's rail system and facilities.

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