CTA Continues to Make Progress on Action Plan

December 15, 2022

Latest “Meeting the Moment” Scorecard now includes interactive dashboards for increased transparency about service challenges and improvement strategies

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) today issued its latest monthly scorecard tracking the progress the agency is making on initiatives introduced in support of its “Meeting the Moment” Action Plan.  The enhanced scorecard measures the agency’s performance in a number of operational areas—and reflects both progress being made as well as the need for more work in many areas. The latest scorecard highlights ongoing, gradual improvement in service delivery and reliability, as the CTA continues to face the challenges of industry-wide workforce shortages.

Among the results of the scorecard, which measures November performance:

Service improvements

  • The percentage of service delivered on rail lines continues to increase:
    • In November, 79.5 percent rail service was delivered, an increase from 75.3 percent in September this year.
  • The Orange, Green, Brown, and Pink Lines are all providing approximately 90 percent or more of their weekday scheduled service, a significant improvement from previous schedule.
  • Red and Blue Line service continues to see challenges from workforce unavailability
    • Red Line—delivering 70.4 percent of scheduled service
    • Blue Line--delivering 68.5 percent of scheduled service
  • Instances of customers experiencing long wait times for trains—gaps known as double and triple the scheduled headways—on weekdays continues to drop system-wide


  • Scorecard includes the addition of Cook County Sheriff’s check data on the system
  • 46 K-9 teams are now rolled out, nearing goal to get all 50 teams on the system


Ridership remains at around 900,000 weekday rides. October 2022 ridership was up 13 percent from 2021 and reached 57 percent of 2019 levels.

Unveiled in August, the “Meeting the Moment: Transforming CTA’s Post-Pandemic Future” Action Plan is a multifaceted investment plan to strengthen the rider experience – more consistent and reliable service, safe rides, clean facilities, modern amenities, dynamic customer engagement tools, and a strong CTA workforce.

This is the latest effort by CTA to further improve communication and demonstrate the progress it is making to improve the customer experience and address the most pressing challenges brought on by the pandemic.

For more information on the “Meeting the Moment” Action Plan, or to view the monthly scorecards, visit, www.transitchicago.com/meetingthemoment/.


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