June 15, 2000

CTA bus lines that operate on State between Congress and Wacker will be detoured from midnight Friday, June 16, through midnight Sunday, June 18, for the annual Celebration on State. Generally, buses that operate on Michigan north of Wacker will use Michigan through the downtown area as well. Other buses will use Dearborn northbound and Clark southbound.

The affected lines include the #6 Jeffery Express, #10 Museum of Science & Industry, #20 Madison, #29 State, #36 Broadway, #56 Milwaukee, #62 Archer, #145 Wilson/Michigan Express, #146 Marine/Michigan Express, #147 Outer Drive Express, and #151 Sheridan.

Buses on the #10 Museum of Science & Industry route that normally operate on State between Wacker and Congress will stay on Michigan in both directions between Chicago and Balbo, except during the Puerto Rican Day Parade midday on Saturday, when they will use Michigan to Roosevelt. Southbound #145, #146, #147 and #151 (to Congress) buses will also use Michigan to Congress.

#146 buses operating north from the Museum Campus will use Michigan from Balbo or Roosevelt. #145, #146, #147 and #151 buses heading north from Harrison will use Dearborn before returning to Michigan at Washington. #151 buses to Union Station will take the regular route south on Michigan and west on Adams. Return trips will be via Jackson to Michigan.

#29 State, #36 Broadway and #62 Archer buses will operate north through the Loop on Dearborn and south on Clark. #6 Jeffery Express buses will continue to use Michigan north to Wacker, but will operate south from Wacker on Clark before returning to the regular route via Congress and Michigan.

#20 Madison and #56 Milwaukee buses will use Washington east to Michigan en route to their downtown terminals. For return trips, #20 buses will operate via Michigan, Adams and Dearborn to Madison. #56 buses will use Wacker and Clark on their way back to the regular route at Madison.

For details about all CTA service, call 836-7000 (all local area codes).

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