CTA Board OKs Contracts for New Timekeeping, Payroll Management Systems

June 13, 2012
Will Bring Modernization and Greater Efficiencies
The Chicago Transit Board today approved contracts for new timekeeping and payroll management systems that will modernize and upgrade the way CTA tracks employee time and manages its payroll.
The first contract, with ADP Inc., will provide a payroll system that provides a comprehensive, single solution program that will completely overhaul the way CTA handles its payroll.
An industry leader, ADP is the largest payroll manager in the country and pays more than one-third of all Americans. The U.S. Department of Labor relies on ADP to track and report the nation’s employment activity and data each month.
Under terms of the contract, CTA will pay ADP up to $20 million over six years to implement and manage the new payroll system.
The second contract, with Trapeze Software Group, will provide CTA with a modern timekeeping system that reduces manual input and will be linked to the ADP payroll database.
The contract calls for CTA to pay Trapeze Software Group up to $10 million over four years to implement the new system.
“These new timekeeping and payroll systems are another example of the modernization of CTA’s administrative functions as we continue to find more efficient ways to manage and ensure the best outcomes,” said CTA President Forrest Claypool. “For the first time in years, this will create a seamless and efficient system of employee time and payroll management.
For too long, CTA has relied on systems that cobbled together various timekeeping and payroll components that were not directly linked. The new systems will provide centralized databases and replace antiquated systems—some 27-years-old—that have outlived their effectiveness.
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