April 4, 2001
The Chicago Transit Board at its monthly meeting today, approved two amendments to an existing contract with Adesta Communications, Inc. which will allow the firm to install, maintain and market fiber optic communications systems along the Green and Red Lines.

The Board also approved the lease of one of the 12 Blue Line ducts housing fiber optic cables to MCI Worldcom. The agreement with MCI is the seventh duct leased along the Blue Line. Adesta leases fiber optic lines to private users. Fees from the leases help recover the cost of installing the fiber optic communications system. Once the construction cost is paid in full, the CTA will get 75% of additional revenues. MCI Worldcom will pay $1.8 million to use its Blue Line duct and cable.

In August 1999, the CTA Board approved a contract with Adesta to install fiber optic cables along the Blue Line from the Loop to the O'Hare station. Today's board action modifies the original contract to allow Adesta to extend the installation of fiber optic cables to the Green and Red Lines. As part of this agreement, the CTA will receive two of 19 ducts on the Red Line for its own use. On the Green Line, the CTA will receive nodal equipment that will allow the CTA to improve the quality of voice transmissions on rail platform public address systems and reduce telecommunications expenses. This equipment will be installed at stations that currently have fiber optics installed, but lack the equipment to use the technology.

Fiber optic technology provides a high-speed link transmitting data, voice and video from field locations to the CTA Control Center. This technology enables the Authority to eventually improve its internal communication system, which will lead to improved service for CTA customers as the CTA makes system-wide capital improvements. It will also enable CTA management to better identify and correct problems that may develop along rail lines, resulting in better on-time performance, enhanced safety and improved fare collection, escalator, lighting and other systems.

Chicago Transit Board Chairman Valerie B. Jarrett said, ?Installing fiber optics technology provides the CTA the ability to offer customers better transit information, fare collection and clearer, easier to understand public address information on the rail platforms as we make capital improvements to our system."

CTA President Frank Kruesi said, ?The Authority has been working to upgrade communications on its Rapid Transit System by installing fiber optics. This is an important step in allowing us to provide more efficient and effective communications links to our rail stations, fare control equipment and other control operations as part of our capital improvement program."

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