CTA Alternatives Analysis Studies

August 26, 2008
The Federal Transit Administration's New Starts grant funding program is the primary source of capital funding for transit expansion projects at CTA and other transit agencies throughout the U.S. In order to qualify for New Starts funding, transit project proposals must proceed through the FTA's process, consisting of five formal steps: Alternatives Analysis Study, Environmental Impact Statement, Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, and Construction.

The Alternatives Analysis Study is designed to examine all the potential transit options available and determine a locally preferred alternative. CTA is currently conducting Alternatives Analysis Studies for projects that were authorized for further analysis by the United States Congress. These projects include the Circle Line; the Red Line Extension south of 95th; the Orange Line Extension to Ford City; and the Yellow Line Extension north of Dempster Avenue in Skokie. All public outreach materials related to these studies will be posted to the web pages linked below as they are prepared.

Red Line Extension Alternatives Analysis

Orange Line Extension Alternatives Analysis

Yellow Line Extension Alternatives Analysis

Circle Line Alternatives Analysis

About Alternatives Analysis Process:
The purpose of the Alternative Analysis Study is to examine a wide range of potential transit options. In the Alternative Analysis, the project's purpose and need is identified, alternatives to address the purpose and need are developed and evaluated, and comprehensive and on-going public involvement is initiated. The identified transit options will be screened and evaluated during the Alternatives Analysis Study to narrow the field of options that will best meet project's purpose and need. There may be multiple screening stages and the results of each screening stage will be presented at public meetings. The end result of an Alternative Analysis is the determination of a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).





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