CTA Adds “Direction” to Help Point the Way for Bus Customers

April 17, 2006

The Chicago Transit Authority is placing directional decals on bus stop signs as part of its continuing effort to make travel along the system convenient and easy to navigate for customers. The one-inch by six-inch vinyl decal is positioned underneath the bus route number on the sign and reads either northbound, southbound, eastbound or westbound to indicate the direction the bus travels. On bus stop signs where the bus travels along diagonal streets, the directional information indicates the predominant direction of travel along the route.

?We constantly seek ways to improve service and make travel on CTA as customer-friendly as possible," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?The directional decal adds another layer of information that helps customers navigate and provides assurance they are traveling in the direction they wish to travel."

More than 2,000 buses operate over 151 CTA bus routes with approximately 12,000 posted bus stops; of those more than 9,000 are single-route signs. Single-route signs are bus stop signs listing one bus route. Multiple route bus stop signs are signs where more than one bus route is listed on the sign and uses the stop.

CTA is adding direction to single-route signs only. Directional decals will not appear on bus stop signs where there are multiple routes because the direction of travel for each route is indicated in the written description.

The first directional decals were attached to bus stop signs last fall. Through mid-April, more than 800 decals have been placed. The directional decals are affixed on the bus stop sign when a sign is repaired or replaced. Because the stickers are produced by CTA and are part of routine maintenance, the cost to the CTA is minimal.

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NOTE: An electronic photo of a bus sign with the directional decal is available upon request.

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