December 11, 2000

To accommodate customers who leave the downtown area earlier than usual Monday afternoon as a result of the heavy snowfall, the CTA will have extra buses and trains available for service.

'L' stations and bus stops with heavy ridership levels will be monitored during the day to keep the CTA Control Center informed of where extra equipment may be needed to serve larger numbers of customers later.

Because many Metra customers use the CTA to travel to and from train stations, the CTA will honor the Rush Shuttle fare until 8 p.m. Monday night. This special fare, which allows customers to continue their rush period trips on designated CTA bus lines, costs $1 each way.

With all available CTA personnel working to provide service during the current storm, the CTA is asking businesses and homeowners to help clear snow from around bus stops adjacent to their property. There are more than 12,000 bus stops throughout the CTA service area, and the CTA needs the cooperation of its neighbors to help make boarding and exiting buses as hazard-free as possible for its customers.

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